Monday, April 19, 2010

Please, Don’t Read This Article!

Whatever you do, please don’t read this article. I have been in the insurance industry for 14 years and this is one of the first articles I have seen that actually spins an insurance article in a positive light. This may shred your reality, that all insurance brokers are one eyed, sharp-toothed Ogres, that find ways to take your money and deny coverage by day and steal children by night.

This article may even hint that insurance brokers are service minded, community partners, your neighbours, your friends, and people who try to help their clients (I warned you that this could shred your reality!). Insane quotes like …

"The insurance was a huge blessing," says the Citizen society columnist. "It meant the difference between a family losing everything and being able to rebuild."

… gave this away as a ploy by the nasty insurance companies to hide their crimes!
The temptation might be too much for some of you, so here is the link: ….

Ottawa Citizen Article – DO NOT READ! ...

but whatever you do, don’t read the full article. After making ludicrous comments about how insurance actually helps people, it continues on to show you how to save money, protect yourself from loss, and understand your insurance coverage. Reading this, and worse yet, believing it, could cause the world as we know it to implode.

I would love to tell you more, but I just saw a child go by with some candy that I have to go steal, and kick a puppy or two on my way!