Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Planning a trip this March break?


With your vacation right around the corner, you are busy preparing everything that goes along with taking off to a sunny destination; getting the whole family packed, running around to pick up the last couple items needed and confirming your reservations with the airlines/hotels are only but a couple things that you have to do before jetting away.

But before you jump on that plane, have you thought about travel and health insurance?  

Although our provincial health plan may cover certain unforeseen costs that may be incurred while travelling it doesn’t always cover out-of-country travel.  

As an example, you and your family are travelling to a sunny destination such as Mexico and someone in your party severely injures themselves while out on an excursion. They would require immediate medical evacuation which can run upwards of $50,000. In this case, the provincial health plan will only cover part of the bill and will not pay for the expense up front.  Therefore, it is extremely important to purchase private travel health insurance and to verify the conditions, limitations and requirements of your plan before your departure.

Here are a couple things to look out for when purchasing a travel health insurance plan; 

1. The plan has 24/7 emergency contact numbers in English or French or translation services for health care providers in your destination country
2. Pays for foreign hospitalization for illness or injury and related medical costs
3. Provides coverage for health care provider’s visit and prescription medicines
4. Provides direct payment of bill and cash advances abroad so you don’t incur the expense
5. Clearly outlines deductible costs
6. Covers emergency transportation, such as ambulance services
7. Provides for medical evacuation to Canada
Be sure to carry proof of your private travel health insurance and the emergency contact numbers at all times during your vacation.

Safe travels! 

Written by Geneviève St-Denis, Account Executive, Rhodes & Williams