Monday, February 9, 2009

Disaster Planning

Well we have been preaching disaster planning to our clients for years, and this weekend, we had a bit of a test for ourselves! Temperatures rose, causing pooling water on our roof, the roof drain however was frozen over, so the overflow started leaking in through the roof. Luckily, we have done disaster planning, AND this disaster was a lot less serious than it could have been. Disaster Planning is a very complex planning excercise which I don't plan to discuss in depth here, however there were a couple small lessons that I thought I could share with our clients.

Even in areas where water isn't leaking through the roof, water seeps through carpet walls, cupboards, etc. Make sure you don't have important equipment or documents on the floor to seep up water - put them up! Keep your computer equipment up off the ground. Make sure you always have an up to date contact list for all emergency contacts, readily available - and a phone tree for advising staff. Act immediatley to minimize damage, and call in the experts.

Well it is Monday morning, and we are operating as normal, with no loss. Thankfully, planning made this an easier task to deal with.

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