Monday, February 18, 2013

Recent regulations prohibit Canadians from driving in Florida - Insurance Implications??


Thursday morning February 14th, news hit that Canadians were technically no longer able to operate a motor vehicle in the sunshine state of Florida. Legislators passed a law that would require non-U.S motorists to have an international driver’s permit in addition to their regular driver’s license.  

Immediate action was taken by the federal government in order to ensure Canadians driving in Florida were protected. A decision has been made to suspend the law for all Canadian drivers. However, in March, the Florida Legislature will reconvene to view the legislation.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are proposing that Canadians should be given an official exemption from the law, which was originally put in place to help law enforcement interpret foreign licenses in other languages.

Following the announcement of the suspension, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario confirmed with the majority of insurance companies that they will not deny coverage.  Please contact your local insurance broker to specifically understand how your insurer will handle this situation.


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