Monday, August 27, 2012

Goderich Before and After


It was August 21, 2011 that a powerful F3 Tornado struck the town of Goderich Ontario. The once beautiful lakeside community had to suffer a 19.5 KM path of destruction caused by the Twister. Many residential and commercial properties suffered a vast amount of damage and it was apparent that rebuilding would be a long and stressful process. One year and millions of dollars later the peaceful community has come a long way. Many properties have been repaired, rebuilt or relocated within the town and not only has Goderich been restored, it’s been improved. A tragedy such as the Goderich Tornado truly proves how a community can come together and overcome nature's strongest forces.

Although you can never downplay the tenacity of the people of this city, it is important to remember that they couldn't do it alone.  Although the positive aspects are never sensationalized in the media, I can truly tell you that insurance is a huge part of the rebuilding of this community.  In the media, if there is one person in Goderich that didn’t have insurance or had a bad experience – you are more likely to hear about that making headlines… but there are many more stories of how so many people and businesses were able to rebuild, because of the insurance protection they had in place, and the insurance companies and people that stepped up and helped out.

See the video below for more on the Goderich community and the impact of the Tornado.

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